Scala Group, our mother company that unites all of our group companies. Within this company, we take the major strategical decisions to decide the growth path of the Holding. All investment decisions, funding opportunities,  investor relationships  is handled within Scala Grpoup.

Scala One Holding is representing many companies from different sectors, and realizing contract projects. We are making partnerships with foreign contract companies in order to provide turnkey solutions for the projects. Scala One Holding is responsible of all the processes starting from the contact responsibility of the clients till the end of the project execution. Also, the brands that is represented for projects is under the responsibility and warranty of Scala One Holding. Our company is working mainly on 3 fields; 1. Companies that we represent exclusively in order to fulfill the needs of project. We are also distributing our exclusive partners in wholesales and retail markets 2. Companies that we cooperate in project basis. 3. Architectural, project management and construction companies that we collaborate in their projects and provide services, products a their solution provider partners within all CIS, Europe and UK.

La Grande Dimora has the complete responsibility of design and planning for all the projects we are dealing with and working in collaboration with all our sister companies so that all our companies are active in their original fields and provides more efficient services. La Grande Dimora also have our own production facility and representation of other brands that we bring as franchise to the market, such as residential furniture brands, as well as import, recondition. We also give installation and after sales services for all brands we are representing through LA Grande Dimora. Our company also making partnerships with other architectural companies to provide the efficient services and products they need in their projects.

We place human experience at the centre of our design process in order to deliver engaging, future-oriented projects that respond to the way people actually use space.

Our design specialists committed to delivering world-class solutions for the built environment. Balancing creative vision with commercial viability, we work with clients to create iconic destinations that enrich people’s lives, strengthen communities, enhance nature, and deliver lasting economic value.

We specialize principally in master planning, architecture and interiors by focusing on agile, flexible, and experiential design. Design that is tailored to the needs of the people who live in, work in, and use the destinations we create.

Clients come to us not only because we can deliver a building, but because we understand their vision for their overall development and the long-term value it can provide. We partner with our clients, sharing their ambitions, frustrations and success – helping them create a lasting legacy through the built environment.

Scala Technology: With our technology company, for any kind of infrastructure or construction project, we are capable of giving engineering service and all kind of needed components through out this company. Electrical and other technical architecture plans such as lightening, climate and generator systems. And within this division, our company provide the architectural for engineering systems and also to represent brands to supply those products to the projects.

As representative of office furniture brands and supporting with our local manufacturing plant, We are making collaborations with the existing and upcoming office spaces throughout Georgia. We support business tower projects for the development of the country and create our pop up store areas within their establishments so that we can give a better service to our clients. Everyday we are increasing our company awareness in the market. Our support starts from the design and continues till the end of all kind of equipment supply and installation. We are a one stop solution provider for our clients, whom we call as our partners. Due to our vision, we are aiming to create and participate in social responsibility projects so that together with all the companies creating growth for this country, we are proud and honored to be one of them. We are becoming sole partners for both local and global companies in order to supply their office furniture needs. Our will and passion is to increase the possibilities and variations that makes our clients life to work in a better offices, therefore, everyday we are improving the services and products we offer. In Art Office, we are working closely with our sister companies Scala Contract, Scala Design, La Grande Dimora and Scala Technology in order to give a complete support to the new and renovating office spaces in Georgia.